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We are dedicated to providing tailored services for each individual client.

By continuing to stay at the forefront of the healthcare industry, our goal is to achieve the maximum reimbursement allowable, while upholding the highest values of integrity, ethics, and compliance.



We collaborate with your facilities to ensure important documents stay up-to-date.

Electronic/Paper Claims billing

Claims are submitted within 48 hours of receipt or at the discretion of the provider. Most claims sent electronically will be paid within two weeks. Claims sent on paper will generally have a response in 30 days. Aging reports are reviewed, at least, every 30 days to ensure timely claims payment.


After payment is received it is reviewed immediately for accuracy. Claims not paid according to contract will be appealed and claims denials will be followed up within 5 business days. This process can be timely depending on the issue. We have extensive experience in the claims appeal process and have excellent return rates. Monthly audits are used to examine payment accuracy.

Patient Services

We use an efficient statement management process to ensure accurate and timely patient balance collection.

Practice Analysis Reports

We will provide custom reports at the discretion of the physician. We review and analyze collection data to consistently and persistently improve your revenue. We can help you make educated decisions to streamline office processes and increase revenue.

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Redbud Medical Billing

Our goal is to uphold the highest values of integrity, ethics, and compliance.